Monday, March 4, 2013

Herobrines Mansion video series!

welcome back here is a new video of mine again it is a Minecraft video. this series of 13-15 min. videos is on an adventure map called "Herobrines Mansion" (there are six episodes) I give this map a 9/10 rating. it is a very cool map including 7 unique boss

#1 Dummy tutorial test it is a zombie with no armor  holding a wooden sword

#2 Skeleton king he has some armor, a BUTTER helmet diamond boots and diamond pants,

#3 Benetha the witch she has no armor but she has 5,000 health and her room throws potoins  at you,she also throws random  potoins at you,

 #4 Zatho the mage he has some armor a full suit of DIAMOND ARMOR and his minions have BUTTER HOES and the minions are floating pumkins,

#5 Arita the SPIDER she has no armor because she is a spider. she spawns little cave spiders that poison you.

#6 Herobrine he has a full suit of diamond armor he also has a very strong weapon called herobrine maddness it is awesome.

#7 the Wither is a mythical creture that herobrine made and it is very complex

... later?

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