Monday, June 18, 2012

How to play Cornhole (with my friend Adam)

This is me and my friend Adam playing Cornhole today I beat my Dad and my Mom.

How to play Cornhole: people who are against each other must stand next to each other and the person that is on your team must stand across from each other.  Flip a coin and if it lands on Heads blue throws first and Tails for red.  If you get your bag in the hole then you get 3 points!  If you get it on the board you only get 1 point. :(   If you get to 21 points then your team wins!!!  Bye my name is Calvin and see you later on

Monday, June 11, 2012

Skateboarding time! (Rodney Mullen video)

Hi it's Calvin today was my frist day of Skate camp cool, huh?   I have a video of Rodney Mullen but before that I have to tell you something this video's music is the Clash.

I like this video because he does the best tricks at you tube to get it type rodney mullen
if you don't know Rodney Mullen he is a famous skateboarder.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

CampOutEast trip (music concert)

Hi its Calvin this is another post and today I went to Campout east and with me came my mom, Rebecca, Anne, my dad and Robin.

This is a picture of Southern Culture on the Skids and this is WAY too loud!!!!!!!! After this is the head band

I did not get to see CRACKER because it was 10:10 pm and my bed time is 9:40 :,,(