Thursday, October 18, 2012

MythBusters show

I like this show called Myth Busters here are the episodes.

Exploding toilet,
Barrel of bricks,
Penny drop,
Buried alive,
Cell phone destoys gas station,
Lightning strikes / toungh pirseing,
Killer brace pasishun,
Cooling a six pack,
Is yoaning contageis?,
Hollywood on trail,
Sun of a gun,
Shop till you drop,
Myth Busters: revealed.

my favorite episode is exploding toilet because  they use some cool  things to do it I can't remember them but it was cool. you will like it.   it actually blew up!   (they also did it with a bathtub.)              

so that's it for now see you later at

(next post is how to play bumper pool)

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